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How to upload and install missions on DYOM

By Dhiman

Hello DYOM users,today i am going to tell you how to upload and install the missions...
it is very easy,follow the steps.

first open your game then make the mission and just save it on any slot (for example slot 5) then go to mission menu then go to "PUBLISH" option and publish it. next you have to go to your "Gta San Andreas User Files" folder. when you open it, you will see a DYOM5 file, just choose that file to upload it on dyom.gtagames.nl. here you have uploaded it.

Installing is very easy,first go to dyom.gtagames.nl then go on top where you can see an showroom option,then go to missions where you can see alot of missions,choose your mission then go to right side of window where you can see download option, slot 1 slot 2 slot 3 slot 4 etc. download it for the slot you want it in. after downloading, open the file, extract it then put the slot file in your "Gta Sanandreas User Files". then open your game enjoy the mission. have a nice day.


Sep 09 '13
Last Update
Dec 23 '14


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