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How to make and upload a mission pack.

By Dhiman

Hello everyone,this is Dhiman and today i am going to tell you how to make a mission pack[b/]
Many people want to make a mission series so that they can make a mission pack of 8 missions or chapters.. But most of them dont know how to make a mission pack so this is an tutorial on how to make a mission pack and upload it..

so these are the five easy steps,follow them

Step 1[b/]: First go make your missions on every slot of mission (doesnt matter you can also make 5 or 7 missions)

Step 2: Then make a empty folder where you have to put your missions and rename it..

Step 3: Then put your mission files from gta sa "USER FILES" then put it in that folder.

Step 4: Then right click on the folder then go to EXPRESS BURN(don't have this software? Click here) then compress this folder to a ZIP file,do not directly put your simple folder on upload mission because DYOM cannot support simple folders, you have to COMPRESS it to put it on upload option.

Step 5: Then after compressing,your folder will converted into a ZIP file. now your mission pack is ready,go to upload option, put it and its done for example my mission pack

If you cant even understand this watch the video

I hope you like this tutorial,please rate and comment.. have a nice day : )

- Dhiman


Sep 17 '13
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Dec 23 '14


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