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How To Install DYOM

By Dhiman

hello everybody,as you know everyone wants to make missions on DYOM but most of them can't install the DYOM mod,so in this tutorial i am going to show you how to install DYOM mod in just 3 steps,IT IS VERY SIMPLE : )

step 1- You will need these two mods
DYOM V7.02 (Latest version of DYOM which i am using) link - Click here

CLEO V4 (this version is seemed to work perfect,i also used this in installation) link - Click here

step 2 (installation)- after downloading them, first extract/open the DYOM V7 then put all 5 files in ON YOUR GTA SA ''USER FILES''. that's it. after installing DYOM,then its time to install CLEO 4. open it and when you install it,it recommend ''sannybuilder'' to install with them, do not choose it, just choose ''CLEO BASIC FILES'' AND ''CLEO 4''! then install them to your ''Gta Sanandreas Game Folder/Directory'' (original game folder where your game is) and then after that,start your game.

step 3(checking)- now open your game,if you see a yellow coloured cleo 4 written on left down of the screen,the mod is install. go to Start game -> New Game-> Design your Own Mission.
Now make your missions, have a nice day.


Sep 19 '13
Last Update
Dec 23 '14


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