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Storyline Functions

By Martincho

Hi guys :) I'm Martincho and today i'll explain ALL the functions that has the Storyline since DYOM V7 was released.

There are lots of people that i saw that are new in this site, and don't know how to install a DYOM storyline into the game... so here are the steps :)

1. Choose any storyline you want in the SHOWROOM/STORYLINE section up there and download the "archive.zip"
2. Unzip the archive and it will give you a folder (obviously)
3. Copy ALL what is inside that folder in the DSL in your User Files
4. Ready to play... when you launch DYOM put in "Storyline Menu" = "Test Storyline" (some Storylines has an Autorun, so when you first run the game it will automatically appear).

Since the V7 was released, some new stuff and functions has been added to storylines; and now you can use these while you're playing...

1. Before you couldn't quit the storyline you were playing if you were tired, you had to quit the whole game and start it again bla bla bla... well, now pressing Y+N you can quit your storyline.
2. Now you have the option to SAVE your storyline progress (if it's too long) pressing Y+N too
3. By the same way you can LOAD the storyline progress

Okay, now i will explain how to make a storyline:

1. You first have to create a single mission as an introduction for the storyline (if you want an introduction); create it as a single mission but when it's finished, go to "Storyline Menu" and select the option "Save To DSL as Intro" and ready, you have your Storyline introduction.
2. Now you have to create all the storyline missions, first create only one, and then instead of saving it in Mission Menu; select "Storyline Menu" again and choose "Save Mission to DSL" and you will have to put a name for that mission file (For example: "adventures"); you will have to remember this name later
3. Now you have to add a "MISSIONTRIGGER" (a mission trigger is the trigger that you put that allows the player to activate the mission); choose the icon you want for the trigger in the map and then it will ask you to load a mission from DSL; you will have to put the name of the mission you want to go first in that trigger, and then choose if you want a "prize" at the end of it.
4. Now you will have to make the other missions (i recommend to go one on one; so you make one mission and then add the trigger of it). Until you think the storyline is done!
5. At the end you should make an outro mission, it's recommended to be only cutscenes in the outro, and a cool ending; so you make another single mission and select in "Storyline Menu" = "Save Mission as Outro".
6. Ok, that's it, now you zip all the missions in the DSL folder and upload them to the website (if you want you can add an Autorun to the story too).

Ok, that's all you need to know to make a storyline and its functions


Sep 21 '13
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Sep 21 '13


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