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The first thing you have to do when you want to have full profit of our site, is registering. It's free and fast. When you are also registered at GTAForums.com, you have to use that username. Impersonating others is prohibited and will result in a full ban, which means you aren't allowed back on the site. After you registered, you will become a "DYOM User". This means that you don't have any claimed missions on the DYOM website (even though it is possible that you have a mission in the dumping ground). When you claimed or uploaded a mission, you will automatically be a "DYOM Designer". The third group is "Senior DYOM Designer". You can become a Senior when you make high-level missions and/or tutorials. It means the designer is an advanced user of DYOM. The other two groups are crewmembers: moderators and administrators. The moderators are high valued members of the community, who help maintain the website. Moderators are chosen by the administrators: Dutchy3010 and PatrickW.
You can find a staff and member list under "members" in the menu. Administrators and moderators are listed under "staff" in the menu. The member list contains every member who is registered.
Members are not allowed to create multiple accounts. Contact an administrator if you want anything changed about your account (e.g. if you forgot your password or you want to change your username).


Every registered member of the DYOM Community has its own profile. The profile contains three parts: You can edit the personal information on your profile using the option "edit your profile" on the left.


You can upload a mission or a storyline. If you aren't logged into your account, your mission/storyline will appear in the dumping grounds. This means you have to supply a username and password every time you want to upload a mission/storyline. When you are logged in, the storyline/mission will appear in the showroom. This way it's much easier to edit compared to the dumping ground and also others will be able to rate your mission if it is in the showroom. Additionally, only the showroom missions will be counted for the "Hall of fame".

Another advantage of logging in is that you can mark your missions as "English". When the list of missions in the showroom is showed, the users can select to only show English missions, so your mission will probably be downloaded more.

Pinned missions are missions that recently won a contest or are considered to be very good. These missions will stay on top of the first page of the list, regardless of the sorting order of the list.

When you uploaded your mission in the dumping grounds before you made an account (e.g. when you uploaded your mission before the release of the new site), you can claim it and couple it to your account. It will thus appear in showroom and will count for your statistics. When you're logged in, go to the edit page of the mission, enter the password for the mission (for the last time) and tick the checkbox in front of "Claim as yours".


The tutorial section is still Work In progress. There will be an update in the near future for the tutorials. For now, they are split-up between Video tutorials and Text tutorials. Text tutorials is a list of tutorials with a direct link to that tutorial at GTAForums.com. Videotutorials can be viewed on the website itself.

Comments and rating

Every profile, mission and storyline on the site can be commented on, it doesn't matter if it's in the dumping grounds or showroom. Make sure your comments comply with the rules of this website. How many comments you have written is tallied in your profile (it's the total of comments on profiles, missions and storylines).
Missions and storylines in the showroom can be rated with one to five stars. On your profile you will see the options "Avg rating" and "Avg made rating". The first one is the average rating of your missions, the second is the average of your ratings for other missions.

Law and order

As this is a public website, inevitably there will be members who are misbehaving. That's why we have an extensive report-system. Please feel free to report any violation of the rules or other misconduct. If a member is causing a lot of trouble, he will get banned, which means he is no longer welcome at this site.