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57285 new Missions and 2159 new Storylines available for GTA San Andreas

Many people want to make their own missions for GTA San Andreas, but most of them don't have enough SCM-knowledge to actually do it. This modification is made for these people. It allows you to create a new mission ingame, without writing a single line of SCM-script. And you are even able to distribute them to other people.
Create a free account on this website to be able to manage and distribute your work convenient, enabling others to rate and comment on your work.
Also we would like to encourage people who download missions, to rate and comment after playing them, to give some feedback to the mission designers.

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Dear DYOM Designers.

We recommend you to join the GTAForums Community to share your work, get noticed, improve your skills, as well as join competitions such as the Official DYOM Contest, Mission of the Week, vote in the Official DYOM Awards and much more! Build your reputation by gaining recognition as a designer in the community. Since the only language that is allowed on GTAForums is English, it is preferred to get more familiar with it. Be sure to read the rules before joining to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

Checkout the following links:

GTAForums DYOM section

Missions Forum

Support Forum

DYOM Discord Server

Create, play, share!

-DYOM Staff
by AnDReJ98, Dec 02 2017, 03:05
Did you know...
...that there are several colourcodes in design mode: friend-actors are green, enemy-actor are red, objectives are white, the active objective is yellow and the player is blue?
...that The Designers Lounge is awarded the title "Best Topic in DYOM forums"?
...that you can use shift-1 to shift-9 for special characters during textentry? These are respectively ) ! + ? $ % : / ' and (
...that the code of DYOM exists of 21.361 lines, created from scratch?
...that Secronom President is awarded the title "Most Helfpul in DYOM forums"?

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Discord Server
We have opened a DYOM Discord server and you are more than welcome to join. Make sure to read the rules when you join. Failure to comply to the Discord server rules will result in a ban from it.

DYOM Discord Server

Feel free to chat, discuss, share, etc.
by Secronom President, Nov 13 2017, 08:01
DYOM Contest #9
The ninth DYOM Contest is on! DYOM Contest #9 topic.
by Secronom President, Nov 01 2017, 12:48
Website Bugfix Update
The site has been suffering a number of issues lately, mainly the inability to correctly upload new mission files and problems staying logged in for members using IPv6. Both issues have been addressed and the site should be fully functional again. If any important issues remain, report them in the Support Forum (see link in the sidebar) Happy Gaming
by PatrickW, Jun 05 2017, 15:42
Little Project
Hi, this is Secronom and giving you an update on a little project I came up with a few days ago.

As you know (or not if you are new), there is a trailer field on all mission pages. The aim of this project is to try using it as a walkthrough / playthrough field too. In the next few weeks or months, I will add some videos of me playing and commenting mission packs and missions. If the response is positive, a walkthrough / playthrough section may appear (if we are lucky). If the response is negative, all of the videos I will have added since will be removed from the trailer field and the project will be abandonned.

I hope to hear your feedback on this project on my profile in the comments or in the Designers Lounge .

Cheers, Secronom President
by Secronom President, Oct 21 2016, 17:01
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