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LocationThe Netherlands
RespectList Every single DYOM user and DYOM designer, who is respectful to every visitor of this website.
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Jan 15 '12
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Jan 15 '12
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Added by AnDReJ98 on Jan 15 2012, 13:38
Grim Reaper again!!! I'll call the moderators and admins to bann you again.
Added by zimmer370 on Jan 15 2012, 14:51
This guy starts again! Don't worry moderators will win you again :D
Added by zimmer370 on Jan 15 2012, 14:55
Ajde da vidimo koje misije nisu lose! Pokazi nam neku tvoju misiju, kukavice!
Added by General Scrotum on Jan 15 2012, 18:04
What you going do to undead people? Hehe... Banned.
Added by ACA!!! on Jan 15 2012, 18:06
da haker, ali ne haker kao ti! ne vredjam nikog ovde!
Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 17 2012, 02:57
I know you will not stop trolling and now you making an account call Dutchy3010!
What a fool you are, a big fool
You're saying that this mod sucks, but you still coming to the website. Isn't that proof you a fool?
Added by Pvt. Hunk on Feb 07 2012, 06:50
How the hell, is that... WTF Dutchy banned?
Or is that grim reaper?
Added by R1X4FIN on Jan 01 2013, 23:11
How to make mission start immediately when you have loaded it from mission menu>load mission so that you don't need to click play mission? please somebody help
Added by Target13 on Apr 30 2013, 23:53
WAit! Dutchy is banned? but the dude made the mod!!!
Added by Tarnell on Aug 29 2015, 16:32
That's not Dutchy
Added by Lion kill on Aug 31 2015, 00:05
He is a namefaker. no one give a damn about him
Added by YourName 2 on Feb 17 2020, 14:22
Added by YourName 2 on Feb 17 2020, 14:23
check link https://dyom.gtagames.nl/profile/100

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