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The Dark Masters1 mission completeClick here!

Current project

One day, captain Steve created organization called "THE DARK MASTERS" and 4 members named PEKKA, PARKER, MIKE, IZAK joined.
The organization had a base in las venturas, untill San Fiero got attacked by Russians.
The organization is based on criminals, dealers and gang conflicts, so let's say, they are helping world to get better.
Then the family was trainning 4 months and when they finally did it and were ready to go to war with Russians, they moved to san fiero and attacked on their camp and took it over as their new base from where will they start the organization, missions etc.
No one knows how this war end, maybe they win, maybe they lose and their organization collapse, god knows.

This pack will be so big project with 30+ missions.

So stay tuned, follow me and my missions and do not forget to leave comment and feedback.


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Mar 02 '18
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The Big JumpMar 16 2018, 12:074.6215643

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The Big Jump (By Martin Strada)Mar 12 2018, 12:585


Added by P.E.K.K.A on Mar 02 2018, 20:19
Hello, my name is P.E.K.K.A. I joined to Dyom because it's a great script and it's so great to play and make new missions. I'm friendly and mature guy and i know how these missions working and i'm skilled in designing, so as you see, you can expect great missions. Nice to meet you everyone! I hope i can get some friends!
Added by Yasir RFL on Mar 07 2018, 12:13
Welcome, your future plans look awesome!
Added by Mikolajek451 on Mar 08 2018, 20:28
Good luck with your future creations. Your first MOTW mission is amazing.
Added by Johan Yesuroon on Mar 09 2018, 14:34
Pekka from COC ?

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