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Listening to Music

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December 11, 1999 - I was born.
December 26, 2010 - I joined GTAForums.

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My E-Mail: povke.da.gangsta@gmail.com (if you need it)

My Skype Account: povke.da.gangsta (if you need it)


MembergroupDYOM Designer
LocationLithuania, Europe
BirthdateDecember 11, 1999

Rockstar - Without them, GTA games and this forum wouldn't exist. That's why I respect them.
Soundwave3214 (aka Tobi) - He's my best friend in GTAGarage. That's why I respect him.


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Jun 10 '13
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Feb 24 '14
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Mission in Liberty CitySep 02 2013, 20:17-81622
Mafia Gang: RedesignedSep 07 2013, 11:29-51520


Added by **Dyom King** on Sep 04 2013, 16:28
You are Not Making correct missions and Why you are uploading them in Dyom Website First Make it And Play the mission then If It Was Correct Then Upload The Mission :(
Added by povke on Sep 06 2013, 13:12
To Dyom King: Of course when I finish to make any mission, I play it. Do you use some mod which makes Liberty City solid or something else? Once I had the same problem, too because of Solid Liberty City mod. Just remove that mod and will be fine :).
Added by QaiserH on Feb 24 2014, 17:35
Great Missions Man But Liberty City Mission Is Not Correct I Fall Down When I Go To Liberty City.Why?
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