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• Secronom President: Most helpful in DYOM forums
• Chimpso: Best DYOM tutorial
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Jan 14 '12
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Jan 14 '12
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Added by zimmer370 on Jan 14 2012, 18:10
You have been reported, so you can't win Secronom President! You will be banned again! Bye, bye.
Added by zimmer370 on Jan 14 2012, 18:14
Everybody know who is real A(n)drEj! You just pressed space when you were typing your user name! I just wanna see your next profile because you will be banned again!
Added by zimmer370 on Jan 14 2012, 18:20
Vidi se da je double space! Sad cemo videti dal ces biti banovan moji drugovi i ja smo te opet prijavili moderatorima! CAO!
Added by General Scrotum on Jan 14 2012, 18:22
Impersonation of others is prohibited. Rules section in the help rubric.
Multi accounting is not tolerated. Also, it is not recommended in your case.
Unban is a no. You deserved yours.
Next step will be an higher ban.
See you around, Grim. Banned.
Added by General Scrotum on Jan 14 2012, 18:24
Forgot something:

Stealing of missions results in a ban. Rules section of the help rubric.
Added by zimmer370 on Jan 14 2012, 18:30
So, Grim, you can't be banned huh? :)
Added by PIKIO on Jan 14 2012, 19:01
Imas li fejs?

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