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I'm back so fuck you all fucking niggers and FUCK Shitcronom President


Staff sucks my balls lazy bitches think they are so cool because they can ban oh boo fucking hoo fucking lazy pieces of shit
You ain't gonna do shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit


You... ain't gonna do shit


You... ain't gonna do shit


LocationYour ass
BirthdateWhen DYOM stopped existing
RespectListShitcronom President - for being a asshole fuck him to hell
Gtaforums.com UsernameYo Mama

Grim Reaper.

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Oct 30 '15
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Oct 31 '15
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Poocronom Pooresident must dieOct 30 2015, 16:0657729742
Kill All StaffOct 31 2015, 11:1457179432


Added by megan on Oct 30 2015, 15:49
hi grim reaper.
Added by megan on Oct 30 2015, 15:52
i am a troll just like you.
Added by Grim Reaper. on Oct 30 2015, 16:04
Hi :D I upload a troll mission now

Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 30 2015, 21:22
Hey Grim. I remember seeing you before, commenting on Dutchy3010's profile. But you got banned obviously. Cool to see you back I guess even though I really don't know much about you except you got banned like three years ago. Lol. But hey I'll play some of your trolling missions. =)
Added by megan on Oct 30 2015, 22:20
ok if you want some inspiration try my mission pack gang wars its pretty crappy ;).
Added by Grim Reaper. on Oct 31 2015, 10:32
Hi i will soon upload a mission called Kill All Staff
Added by Grim Reaper. on Oct 31 2015, 11:14
Uploaded :)
Added by megan on Oct 31 2015, 20:13
Cheap shit they banned you but not Faggesandro?.
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Oct 31 2015, 21:13
They haven't banned Assholesandro because the admins/moderators are to damn lazy to sign in and ban the unwanted users. Such as Condomsandro.
Added by dyomek on Nov 01 2015, 09:58
And that's why admins are so damn lazy... they banned grim but not fucklessandro i seen Secronom President was the same day grim got banned... BUT HE DIDN'T BAN THE BIGGEST ENEMY that requries banning to be shut and delete ALL OF HIS NO SENSE COMMENTS and ban all his frigid accounts >:( Dear mods, if you are reading this do community a favor, ban Alessandro
Added by megan on Nov 02 2015, 23:52
secronom president is too busy sucking ass to actually do something about alessandro i bet he will ban me for insulting him even if he fucking deserves it.
Added by dyomek on Nov 03 2015, 14:01
I am still insulting this lazy fuck and he didn't ban me
Added by Astronauthead on Nov 06 2015, 09:06
Fite me 1v1 irl fgt
Added by DYOMEK RULZZZ on May 23 2016, 13:19

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