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Dec 10 '15
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Jan 03 '16
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[A.Stories] A Typical Gang WarDec 11 2015, 14:1455007090
[A.Stories] Holed upDec 11 2015, 14:1655236750
[A.Stories] A Little Revenge HitDec 12 2015, 11:1455566803


Added by dyomek2 on Dec 11 2015, 14:07
Believe me or not, this is my second account
Added by Woodman on Dec 11 2015, 14:52
Added by Husnain on Dec 11 2015, 15:59
Good luck Dyomek2 :) Hope you will make awesome missions
Added by Woodman on Dec 13 2015, 10:30
Andreas Stories is gang-war mission pack, so really the protagonist is Andreas the main character are LB and Mickey, but main antagonist is Derby what the cool name cool idea cool mission this is going to be the coolest mission pack ever, so don't cancel it if it cancelled i miss this, so good luck with that
5/5 Stars
Added by Woodman on Dec 13 2015, 10:32
I'am not sure, this is going to be the Best Mission Pack likely the Jimmy_Leppard, a great moderator in this site who really do the mission pack? Such, i can't make the mission only i make the missionpack and storyline!
Added by dyomek on Dec 13 2015, 15:38
Yeah, it's gonna be a great one :) A lot of SD + a lot of DLC missions in progress :)
Added by dyomek on Dec 13 2015, 15:39
By the way, i'm working on a DLC mission, to explain what happened after "A Little Revenge Hit"
Added by Woodman on Dec 14 2015, 08:19
I know!
Added by dyomek on Dec 14 2015, 18:18
Man, second chapter will be SO GOOD, man! I will tell you only one thing what's about to happen in Chapter 2:

Grove will burn down
Added by little penis woodman on Dec 16 2015, 15:44
Added by Woodman on Dec 16 2015, 17:14
@dyomek2 - Second chapter is really so amazing, so i see what your missions in Chapter 2 and i solve this!

@little penis woodman - Fuck your wife, i wish you dead!
Added by Woodman2 on Dec 28 2015, 10:56
Well, let's walkthrough it up! SOON

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