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BirthdateSammy the Son Of A Bitch
RespectListGangstaZilla203: A very very stupid penis
dyomek: A stupid penis
megan: I hope she's dead
SMG4: I hate his videos
Jhandave: I want him to quit DYOM
Monstercat: Shitty program
Warbrother32: Worst designer EVER
Kiddo_Assasin: I hate him
Grand_DYOM: He didn't vote me in MOTW 29, fucking bitch
Dominion: Very stupid guy biggest idiot EVER
Husnain: His gameplays suck, fuck him
QED: Man, he's a disgrace
ScrayChan: I hate him
Alessandro: A fucking spammer, fuck him!
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little penis woodman

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Dec 16 '15
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Dec 16 '15
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
Why are you doing this?Dec 16 2015, 15:1915952190
ShitAssFucckDec 16 2015, 15:2116622520
Grove StreetDec 16 2015, 15:221116011233
my first storylinehDec 16 2015, 15:3016472223
BUTT GENITALSDec 16 2015, 15:3317302446


Added by little penis woodman on Dec 16 2015, 15:43
What, you scared to comment here?
Added by little penis woodman on Dec 16 2015, 16:17
woodman sucks
Added by Woodman on Dec 16 2015, 16:58
Fuck you, bitch come 1v1 me, faggot!
Added by Woodman on Dec 16 2015, 16:59
Your face is shit and fuck your mission and shut the fuck up and fuck your mom and you steal my fucking job!
Come fighe me, noob i winnnnnn!
Added by Woodman on Dec 16 2015, 17:01
You are the worst bitch, now you are fucking cum and rape your family's ass, dumbfuck!
Added by Woodman on Dec 16 2015, 17:02
Look, Sammy will kill you and i torture you and sell the organ!
Added by Woodman on Dec 16 2015, 17:05
I change the RespectList now go fuck yourself!
Added by Grand_Dyom on Dec 16 2015, 17:53
Ugh..... The New Alessandro but more angry.
XD It's fucking funny.So,chill the fuck up bitch!
Added by dyomek on Dec 16 2015, 18:43
Wow, what a dumbfuck, little cock troll XD
Added by dyomek on Dec 16 2015, 18:49
LOL someone told on him to Jimmy_Leppard :D
Added by dyomek on Dec 16 2015, 19:19
Look what you've done, dumbass! Thanks to you Woodman is banned. BITCH!
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Dec 16 2015, 20:19
Oh hey look! another retarded faggot on DYOM everybody! well, it's to late. Looks like your dumbass got banned. LMAO. And you give my KC a 1/5!? look at your missions! they're just stupid ass troll missions. Your missions suck so much balls. I'm gonna give them all a 1/5 faggot. Good thing you got banned the day you registered, now I can shit talk you and you can't do a thing about it. =) Faggot.
Added by QED on Dec 16 2015, 21:26
This fuckie is banned? Don't Worry, he will be crating an another account, so watch out!
Added by Kiddo_Assasin on Dec 17 2015, 11:24
what the? why you hate me .. i did not do anything stupid about you..? who are you? are you Alessandro?
Added by Jhan Dave on Dec 18 2015, 03:46
Damn you? Piece of shit! Banned!!!
Added by Kiddo_Assasin on Dec 18 2015, 05:36
Hey,Jhan he wants you to quit DYOM.. he is so ignorant ..
But anyway this monster is banned ..
Added by eurylei on Dec 18 2015, 13:14
hey you asshole don't you dare they're said my friend Jhan Dave And Kiddo_Assasin into your respectlist like you do
Added by dyomek on Dec 20 2015, 10:05
Woodman has gone insane after your visit in DYOM
Added by VenomDYOM on May 14 2016, 19:44
Ban ban suck you betray people! Fuck you!

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