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Hey i am from india. I am a dyom mission designer. Thats myy hobby guys. i like all dyom designers and respect everyone in dyom. i am here to make mission. Gta sanandreas is the best game i have evr played. My top 10 games are

10 gta vice city
9 medal of honor
8 witcher 3
7 call of duty series
6 gta 4
5 gta 3
4 onimusha warlords
3 onimusha 2
2 onimusha 3
1 gta sanandreas
i am here in dyom from last 5 months with second account.
My best frnds are
1 huzaifa
2 Fatim ilham
3 fire alex
4 jimmy leppard
6 you
Gta 5 is my one of the best game i have ever played.
i am actually a b boy. I am a kid of class ix. Dyom mission designer. My missions will be uploaded soon. My mission GRAND THEFT AUTO 4.5 SANANDREAS IS HERE BUT DUE TO SOME CIRCUMSTANCES MY ACCOUNT WAS BANNED link to my storyline
My mission MYSTERY link
My anather storyline link


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dark prince

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Added by Nicole56 on Jun 18 2016, 06:55

i am miss Nicole please contact me on my email address ( sgtnicole1@hotmail.com ) i have something very important to share with you OK from my mail i will send you my pictures and tell you everything about me thank you i will be waiting to recvied your mail
Added by AnDReJ98 on Aug 12 2016, 17:17
Don't think i forgot you, gtabest. You will be able to come back when you grow up a little.

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