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LocationBrasil (são Paulo)
Birthdate14/05/2000 (16)
RespectListnenhuma exceção
Gtaforums.com UsernameI'm brazilian


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Oct 28 '16
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Added by inutile on Oct 28 2016, 07:38
Sigam-me nas redes sociais facebook e Youtube https://www.facebook.com/leandro.redy

Follow me on social networks Facebook and YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxfv7xSq7xXtBrkvfqGVIqg
Added by inutile on Oct 28 2016, 08:05
(Português)Todas as missões serão em ZIP contendo toda a Historia em um só arquivo, todas usam audio e dublagens em Português e com as Legendas em inglês

(English) All missions will be in ZIP containing all the history in a single file, they all use audio and voiceovers in Portuguese and the English subtitles
Added by inutile on Oct 28 2016, 08:28
(Português) não se esqueça de deixar seu like e seu comentario na nossa comunidade, lá sempre temos novidades, eu sempre tive o sonho de criar missões Para GTA

(English) do not forget to leave your like and your comment into our community, there always have new releases, I always had the dream of creating missions for GTA
Added by Studios Games on Oct 28 2016, 17:59
Leandro cara, seu merda, para de criar conta isso pode dar merda, já te reportei cara, se continuar a parti de 10 contas vai ser banido...
Added by AnDReJ98 on Oct 28 2016, 20:26
You clearly don't listen to me. I told you many times about multiple accounts thing and seems like you still insist on being idiot. Well be it that way then.

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