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Mission Packs:
SanAndreas:New Jobs[Episode1][W.I.P](Gangs,Shooting)
Destroyer Z[Act 1][Planning](Zombie,War,Force)

Single Missions:
[MOTW#87]Star Road[Coming Soon]
Speed & Turbo II:San Andreas Drift[Planning]
Speed & Turbo I:First Race[Completed]


RespectListResPeCt List(Sam Friends):
-Andrej[For Helping me And Support]
-THBP[For Let Me Create Another Account]
-VenomBro[Sorry Bro...But Dont Call me kid!Because you the kiddo here :)]
-JhanDave241[A Old And Best Friend.....I Wish i Can Work with him]
-Nafil[Good Designer And He Respect Everyone....I Like His Missions]
-StradaBoy[Best Designer I Never Seen....WarFighter Is My Favorite Mission Pack]
Gtaforums.com UsernameNope


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Sep 23 '17
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Nov 10 '17
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Mission List

MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
[GOTE]:Gangstar Of The EastOct 03 2017, 18:55-4438171
[SA:NJ]Most WantedOct 20 2017, 18:10-3957680
Speed & TurboOct 20 2017, 23:53-4092010


Added by Venom_Bro on Oct 01 2017, 14:01
Kid, THBP banned me on the multiple accounts on the last account, I have a gtaforums account. Ignore me.
Added by Venom_Bro on Oct 01 2017, 14:06
And on the last time I didn't know english too much, so I learned now So what's your problem? Drugs?
Added by Venom_Bro on Oct 04 2017, 15:23
Okay, you think I'm the kid here? Look your english and my english. And it's different right? I will forgive you this time, but...
Added by Venom_Bro on Oct 04 2017, 21:00
My english is now in the middle, good or bad. Your english is a little bit horrible I must say. If you go to school, learn some english. Or find some places like that. I can help you now...
Added by Huzaifa on Oct 05 2017, 15:04
Hi Africa Designer,
It is requested to join GTAForums for the general discussion related to dyom...!
Here's the link for the DYOM section in GTAForums. Sign up to join it.
http://gtaforums.com/forum /263-design-your-own-mission/

And Share your Missions there. You can also participate in Weekly mission contest there..

Regards From: Huzaifa Khan
Added by Venom_Bro on Oct 20 2017, 18:20
Listen, I upload mission by mission, so what's the problem?
I don't want to cause any trouble here.
Added by Green Goo on Oct 20 2017, 19:18
What MOTW mission? What do you babbling about bro?
Added by Venom_Bro on Oct 20 2017, 20:49
Well, you won. If i get banned again, I will upload on mediafire.
Added by AnDReJ98 on Oct 23 2017, 02:30
Info thread - http://gtaforums.com/topic/817386-official-motw-discussion-thread/

Current MOTW thread (for submitting missions this week) - http://gtaforums.com/topic/898678-motw-88/
Added by Martin Strada on Nov 08 2017, 17:03
Yo, you know who am i?
Added by Opcode.eXe on Nov 21 2017, 06:32
Dear DYOM Designer. Your mission are good. It is very very Compulsory for you to join at www.gtaforums.com

If you can't find the DYOM forums then go at http://gtaforums.com/forum/263-dyom/. Account email must be an email of your Google Account. Please join the website. All other designers gather there. We can topics of mission packs and have a little chit chat. So, kindly, join the website. :)
If you have any question then please visit at the profile in GTAFORUMS or in DYOM website (here) and l

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