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This the first joke account in which you will get jokes and awesome comedy picture.

[29 June 2013]

[29 June 2013]

[29 June 2013]
forget the game let's dance

[29 June 2013]
mother of photoshop

[29 June 2013]
shit shit hahahahaha

[29 June 2013]
That's why superheroes are not online

[29 June 2013]

[25 June 2013]

[25 June 2013]
Look it up.


[25 June 2013]
Happy Birthday Great Grandmother Fucker.

[25 June 2013]
The Truth

[25 June 2013]

[25 June 2013]
Happy 18th birthday Justin!

[25 June 2013]
I Hate this bitch so Much!

[25 June 2013]
Avengers are the best.

[25 June 2013]
Those Eyes

[16 June 2013]
TEST: Do You Got A Dirtymind?

[16 June 2013]
Little Late but still Damn Funny

[16 June 2013]
Everybody Loves Ted!

[16 June 2013]

If You find any picture Offensive, Inappropriate or Not Funny then please
inform Every Day Jokes in the comments. Thank You and stay tuned for more pics Tomorow!


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Added by Target13 on May 14 2013, 14:10
Ok Funny jokes...But I was expecting Missions.
Added by King on May 14 2013, 16:55
Very funny picture
Welcome to DYOM
Waiting for funny mission.
Added by Sumit on May 14 2013, 20:42
Awesome pictures specially the twilight one.
Hope you will post more pictures it is just like Facebook page.
Added by every day jokes on May 14 2013, 20:46
Thanks everybody I will try to make some funny missions also.
Added by Zohair Irani on May 16 2013, 21:28
A jokes account ? Good Idea. BTW your birthdate, 2013? Isnt that a bit too old ?
Just kidding, well are you going to make any missions ?
Added by King on May 17 2013, 04:58
Very funny of twilight joke
But waiting for funny missions.
Added by Target13 on May 27 2013, 19:14
I really liked the Docter picture! can't wait for missions.
Added by Target13 on Jun 10 2013, 15:05
no more pics?
Added by Target13 on Jun 11 2013, 12:29
Nice...but you should replace the old pics too
Added by Target13 on Jun 12 2013, 17:08
You are not online EVERY DAY. Wanna share the profile cause i'm online EVERY DAY. I Know how to find funny pics :D
Added by Dude on Jun 13 2013, 08:43
but here we want fun in mission not on profile
Added by Target13 on Jun 13 2013, 10:25
You just got to give me your password. PM in GTA Forums or just email me at Mohammedyi1999@gmail.com then i will post pictures EVERYDAY And you also post whenever you can.
Added by Target13 on Jun 15 2013, 13:55
Nah Dude. I Did not recieve anything. try mailing me
at Mohammedyi1999@hotmail.com. My Hotmail is always better Gmail.
Added by every day jokes on Jun 16 2013, 10:31
Ok! I Made some changes!
Added by Target13 on Jun 16 2013, 10:33
I Mean: Ok! I Did some changes!
Added by Rosilna on Jun 22 2013, 04:34
I think You GUYS Doesnt know the Real Meaning of DYOM!
Its is not Facebook or Other social network so you are posting Jokes.

If you guys really want to entertain Users then Make Funny missions,Funny mission Contest like Things........

Try every thing for DYOM but Dont distract USERS From There mission making works....

Hope you understand what i am saying...
Added by Martincho on Jun 22 2013, 06:16
Don't pay attention to Rosilina... i think DYOM needs something different to its usual routine... I think is good having a profile with funny pictures, it doesn't bother to anybody. And it's nice so if no one says that is prohibided to upload this kind of things in a profile, you should delete it, but if its not... you should keep going man :)
Added by General Scrotum on Jul 09 2013, 10:49
dg szs zh arag uysr gsdga ag aglag ageak algea eja kjowa wokak fjaw tgmy ttmies lksfj odkge osf,gm ekegm gheaje gaogm 3fwoifmr focfiwa f og syk,4kmo aflmsyi4emw4l t

Oh, god, I just lost some braincells.
Added by General Scrotum on Jul 09 2013, 10:51
This is DYOM, not 9Gag.
Added by Target13 on Jul 09 2013, 12:12
So What? You don't have to be a bitch about it.
Added by General Scrotum on Jul 09 2013, 13:14
And you don't have to lower your behaviour to this.
Added by LucayOrlando on Jul 19 2013, 00:22
and cool pictures every day jokes welcome to my respect list :D
Added by CJ452 on Aug 06 2013, 11:19
LOL Corndog XDD
Added by Martincho on Aug 10 2013, 04:13
Come on guys, stop fighting
Just don't pay attention to it, but it doesn't have to be banned, :p

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