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LocationGrove Street,Ganton,Los Santos
Birthdate1992 B.C.
Gtaforums.com UsernameJimmyzzzX


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Dec 11 '11
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Jan 08 '12
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''AGENTS CONTROL'' PT.1Jan 07 2012, 18:432.382662230915


Added by TheXProyect on Dec 27 2011, 19:55
Added by TheXProyect on Dec 27 2011, 20:02
No man i just asking xDDD
Added by AlexBosco on Dec 28 2011, 13:17
Hey Nice too meet you
Added by Michael Knight on Dec 29 2011, 19:10
And Thanks To You Everyone Friend !!
Added by Michael Knight on Dec 29 2011, 19:12
And Pleasse Download My Mission SNIPER ELITLE :
Added by TheXProyect on Jan 02 2012, 18:58
Friend, you can stop editing your mission to come out in the hall of fame? is annoying.
Added by General Scrotum on Jan 04 2012, 08:40
Multiple accounting is not allowed. End of the line. Also, watch who you're calling stupid.
Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 04 2012, 14:25
Secronom President can banned you anytime now.
So, stop being stupid to the moderators. Or not you will end up like you friend Michael Knight.
I giving you a warn here, you regret if you do that to the moderators.
Added by [S]hark21 on Jan 08 2012, 06:29
They din't ban people for fun! For those who don't follow the rules, of course they got ban. Rules are Rules. Obey it.
And also, telling someone to come back when he grows back, isn't a harsh talk!
Added by General Scrotum on Jan 08 2012, 12:30
Go insult people elsewhere. Banned.
Added by General Scrotum on Jan 08 2012, 21:02
If you don't give a damn, don't come back and don't spam the report field.

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