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RandomStunt - second account
GTAF: http://gtaforums.com/user/778470-randomstunt/
Working on now: Gangland Problems


LocationLos Fuckin' Santos
BirthdateTop Secret not for your eyes
RespectListMost people
Gtaforums.com UsernameRandomStunt


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Aug 04 '13
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Feb 26 '16
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Tricky MissionAug 09 2013, 22:43-
Original MissionSep 06 2013, 21:28-
Assassinating SAs PresidentSep 06 2013, 21:33-
No Crossover limit 5Nov 12 2013, 16:57-
No Crossover limit 6Nov 12 2013, 17:00-
No Crossover limit 7Nov 13 2013, 13:24-
No Crossover limit 8Nov 13 2013, 13:28-
No Crossover limit 9Nov 13 2013, 13:34-
No Crossover limit 10Nov 14 2013, 16:06-
Husnain's GameplayOct 14 2015, 19:30-

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How to stand on unsolid interiorsJul 31 2014, 12:37-


Added by StuntmanDYOM2 on Aug 04 2013, 06:05
This is the secondary account of StuntmanDYOM, i forgot his password.
Added by Target13 on Aug 09 2013, 23:02
Is GTAF working for you?
Added by King on Sep 16 2013, 19:14
I think are you busy with V
Added by RedStarRising on Oct 28 2013, 11:37
Hello StuntmanDYOM2! Could you help me with some things?
Added by Cryax98 on Nov 14 2013, 23:54
awesome missions ;)
Added by Tony Stark on Nov 18 2013, 16:36
Hey!If you need some ideas for mini missions so you can get some Ideas from my text tutorial "Ideas for missions" I think it would help!
Added by StuntmanDYOM2 on Dec 29 2013, 23:15
wow i should update my profile more.
Added by spammer on Jan 01 2014, 20:33
hey man, go visit my site and there will be special reward for you. link: http://gtasamythandlegends.webs.com/
Added by QaiserH on Feb 24 2014, 05:23
Thanks Man Checkout My Profile I Hope You Will Like IT ☺
Added by HaPeWu on May 15 2014, 10:53
"GTA: Mietek i Stachu - Rozdzia³ 1: W pogoni za pieniêdzmi" czyli BETA 0.5 pojawi siê ju¿ nied³ugo!
Added by HaPeWu on May 15 2014, 16:28
Zapraszam do pobrania GTA: Mietek i Stachu™ na moim profilu. Wkrótce pojawi siê BETA v0.6.
Added by ABURRIDOficial on May 20 2014, 17:11
Hey Man Could You Please Make More NUDA Like You Did In Your Other Account?
Added by StuntmanDYOM2 on May 25 2014, 21:25
Those missions are old and only work on V6.
Added by ABURRIDOficial on May 27 2014, 17:32
sorry i did Not know its just that i miss nuda so much so sad that he stopped making missions for an uknown reason
Added by !! tarun !! on Jun 03 2014, 20:11
your all missions is so nice
Added by Huzaifa on Jul 08 2014, 22:35
Hey, your missions are awesome :)
Added by Agent J on Aug 02 2014, 03:18
what's shakin' doc? :D
Added by ProDX34 on Aug 03 2014, 08:36
Hey man, i saw your question in my profile.
So if you wanna make a mission pack table list, here's the format :
[ table]
[ tr][ th]Mission Pack List[ /th][ th]Mission Name List[ /th]
[ tr][ td] Mission pack name [ /td]
[ td]
Mission name
Mission name2
[ /td]
[ /table]
Hope it helps. :)
Added by HaPeWu on Nov 07 2014, 19:46
Robisz coś jeszcze? Ja odpoczywam od MiS xd Za niedługo się znowu za to zabiorę.
Added by XxalgXx on Nov 30 2014, 21:09
Hey Guy as I See you're Good DYOM designer you had added to my Respect list
Added by StuntmanDYOM2 on Dec 14 2014, 14:48
sorry people but i'm busy with life and stuff. school and other GTA's to complete and not get distracted by DYOM. making a dyom mission takes a day for me, so i put away DYOM for a big while.
Added by StuntmanDYOM2 on Dec 14 2014, 14:51
another note: i do have a big stash of DYOM ideas like complete aztecas stories and GTA San andreas stories to go on for a decade.
Added by Husnain on Oct 08 2015, 21:10
You design great missions man Check mine i will highly appreciate it
Added by DBZOVERLORD700 on Nov 07 2015, 06:02
Thank you for the kind words you gave me about my missions on my profile
Added by dyomek on Nov 19 2015, 20:20
you fucked up the bbcodes on Alessandro's profile now repair them they're annoying!
Added by dyomek on Dec 13 2015, 10:17
Wow, you fucked up the BBcodes again
Added by StuntmanDYOM2 on Dec 18 2015, 19:16
so fucking what?
Added by dyomek on Dec 18 2015, 19:46
Added by dyomek on Dec 18 2015, 19:47
Added by dyomek on Dec 18 2015, 19:47
Added by Woodman2 on Dec 21 2015, 09:36
I'am Potato!
Added by dyomek on Dec 21 2015, 15:07
lol nope
Added by StuntmanDYOM2 on Dec 30 2015, 23:39
very intimidating. ooh i'm so scared.
Added by dyomek on Dec 31 2015, 10:14
I can't even turn off my BBCODES, Fucked up again...
Added by StuntmanDYOM2 on Dec 31 2015, 21:54
well boohoo for you.
Added by dyomek on Dec 31 2015, 23:06
BBcode war, it looks like you want it :)
Added by StuntmanDYOM2 on Jan 01 2016, 14:09
no it looks like you're an butthurt asshole who won't give up.
Added by dyomek on Jan 01 2016, 15:43
It looks like you're an twat who keep posting that crap,
Added by dyomek on Jan 01 2016, 15:49
You are very pathetic, #Get A Life
Added by StuntmanDYOM2 on Jan 01 2016, 19:11
Added by dyomek on Jan 02 2016, 10:23
Stop being an idiot just because your older
Added by dyomek on Jan 02 2016, 16:05
Wow, your a biggest excuse for a human being ever. Stop being as 9 year old that sucks cocks. Your pathetic, why do you even exist?
Added by dyomek on Jan 02 2016, 16:47
If you think you can stand up to me, or insult me, just because of my age: f*ck you, i will just ignore you
Added by dyomek on Jan 02 2016, 16:47
and you stupid insults
Added by StuntmanDYOM2 on Jan 02 2016, 21:08
boo hoo go cry
Added by dyomek on Jan 02 2016, 21:24
YOU IGNORANT FUCK! Didn't i told you to leave me alone, you fucking pussy? Your really a fucking dumbass, pussy, queer, and fuck that tries to get attention by insulting younger, well, fuck you, fucking nerd!
Added by GangstaZilla203 on Jan 03 2016, 23:10
Are you and Dyomek in a flame war or something? because, damn! you guys are throwing insults at each other, back and forth. IMO if you don't like each other, just quit talking to each other. But hey that's just me. =) Not taking any sides.
Added by Woodman2 on Jan 04 2016, 06:55
IMO! Your profile pic tho!
YoU UsE tHe PaInT!
Added by StuntmanDYOM2 on Jan 04 2016, 08:45
Lol kiddo just stop you don't have anymore insults to think up.
Added by dyomek on Jan 04 2016, 10:21
How about we all shut the fuck up, stop insulting and opening BBcodes, and everything will be alright, if no, then GTFO
Added by AnDReJ98 on Feb 13 2016, 02:29
Assigned all the missions from previous account to this one.
Added by HaPeWu on Apr 18 2016, 13:57
No heej, wracam do robienia misji, nareszcie, mam nadzieje że nie za późno.
Added by khynrix on Dec 26 2017, 12:27
how to activate the pack😅😅😅

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