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Hi Guys And Welcome To My Dyom Profile

Yeah Guys I Am New Dyom User

My Mission Will Be Soon Uploaded To Dyom Site

• I Will Not Use Bad Language in My Missions
• And My Missions Will Be Created By Me
• And My Each Mission Will Have A Topic In Gta Fourms
• And No Bad Comment in My Profile

•Will Be Soon Added

*Pictures removed*


LocationThe Netherland
RespectListSoon Updated
Gtaforums.com UsernameIn Progress


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Mar 03 '14
Last Login
Apr 07 '14
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MissionNameLast UpdateRatingViewsDownloadsComments
The Black Way[EP1]Mar 03 2014, 14:33-74212510


Added by Huzaifa on Mar 03 2014, 11:44
Welcome Mate Good Luck for your Missions :)
Added by Dhiman on Mar 03 2014, 11:44
oh hi James. nice to meet you, if you need any help, you can ask me freely and you can also checkout on my profile. :)
Added by Huzaifa on Mar 03 2014, 11:53
If you want so check my profile and missions. I Hope you like it :)
Added by Dhiman on Mar 03 2014, 13:09
Its ok I am fine and what about you?
Added by ProDX34 on Mar 03 2014, 14:52
Hey James, i'll try to play your mission later, so good luck about your mission ;)
Added by MouseRHD on Mar 03 2014, 16:10
Added by Huzaifa on Mar 03 2014, 17:08
Oh! Thanks James :D
Added by Dhiman on Mar 03 2014, 18:04
I am working on a secret project buddy ;)
Added by Dhiman on Mar 04 2014, 04:24
Oh thanks, my new MP is much more good then that, it will come after march. by the way, you are added to my respect list.
Added by DragonWarrior [DnW] on Mar 08 2014, 18:01
Hey James, wassup man? Welcome to DYOM. If u need any help, just ask me ;)
Added by QaiserH on Mar 13 2014, 15:27
Great Missions Man
Added by MouseRHD on Mar 23 2014, 14:02
Thanks! Good luck with your missions. ;)
Added by QaiserH on Apr 07 2014, 18:27
Oh What The Hell Remove This Picture Man You Are So Bad Remove This Pictures Fast Or i Will Complan To Dyom Staff
Added by unnamed on Apr 16 2014, 09:11
Hey , what the fuck in that picture , that fucking porn , please remove it , it not xnxx.com (porn site)
Added by BIG-SMOKE@119 on May 25 2014, 09:29
Remove that sex picture BEFORE I CONTACT STAFF.
Added by QaiserH on Jul 25 2014, 08:18
Delete it fast or we will contact dyom staff
Added by AnDReJ98 on Feb 05 2016, 16:12
Banned because of sharing porn material on the website.

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