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My tutorials that aren't on this profile

By The show Games

I have some useful tutorials on my another account. Unfortunately, that account is lost because I forgot the password

Warning: There are a lot of grammar errors on it, if you get confused, send me a message on my discord (cillJill#6559) that I will explain.


Want to create a racing mission but don't know how to? Check out my tutorial.
How Create Missions Racing

You can make a conversation between two characters while the destination point on the map is showing. In DYOM, you can't do that but we can make a little gambiarra. How Create two objectives the same time

How to play a Storyline

Having troubles with drive-by missions? This tutorial might help you. How create good Drive-by mission

How to cancel an am.mp3 in a certain part
Want to center a text on your profile? Profile Customization: Space


May 12 '16
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Dec 31 '20


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