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DYOM Awards 2020 Winners!

DYOM Awards 2020 Winners!


Field of Nomination Winner Award
DYOM Modification
Best Overall Member RithRake24 Site Moderator
Best Mission Designer The Half-Blood Prince Site Moderator
Best Gameplay Designer zeko Promotion to DYOM Senior Designer
Best Story Writer Target13 Promotion to DYOM Senior Designer
Best Newcomer Aymunz Mention in the DYOM General Thread
Most Improved Designer Zeko Mention in the DYOM General Thread
Best Mission MENACE 3 by VikingEVM Pinned on the website
Best Mission Pack/Storyline The Shadow Ring by Jimmy Pinned on the website
Most Promising Mission Pack/Storyline V for Vinegar 2 by THBP Pinned on the forums
DYOM Sub-Forums
Most helpful in DYOM forums RithRake24 Site Moderator
Best DYOM Tutorial The DYOM Complete Tutorial by Alexander Pinned on the forums
Best DYOM Video Old Friends Die Hard Video Review by VikingEVM Video featured on the website
Best Topic in DYOM forums The Designers Lounge by General Scrotum Topic stays pinned
Best Review maker SonnyDR Mention in the DYOM General Thread
Best DYOM Youtuber Aznkei YouTube Channel featured on website
DYOM Website
Best Moderator RithRake24 Site Moderator
DYOM Discord Server
Best Poster zeko Special Discord role
Funniest Member leoncj Special Discord role
Most Helpful Member RithRake24 Discord Moderator
Best Chat Manager leoncj Discord Moderator
Best Candidate for a Chat Manager zeko Chat Manager

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Check out the DYOM Awards 2020 - Winners! topic at GTAForums for more info

Create, play, share!

-DYOM Staff

by AnDReJ98, Jan 23 2021, 21:42
Dear DYOM Designers.

We recommend you to join the GTAForums Community to share your work, get noticed, improve your skills, as well as join competitions such as the Official DYOM Contest, Mission of the Week, vote in the Official DYOM Awards and much more! Build your reputation by gaining recognition as a designer in the community. Since the only language that is allowed on GTAForums is English, it is preferred to get more familiar with it. Be sure to read the rules before joining to avoid any possible misunderstanding.

Checkout the following links:

GTAForums DYOM section

Missions Forum

Support Forum

DYOM Discord Server


Mission of the Week contest is back! Mission of the Week (MOTW) is a weekly competition where designers design a mission according to a theme. The mission that gets the most votes wins! The winner gets to choose the theme for the next MOTW.

Simply visit the DYOM subforum and visit the latest MOTW topic to participate. Please note that English is the only language allowed on the forums.

Create, play, share!

-DYOM Staff
by AnDReJ98, Dec 02 2017, 03:05
Discord Server
We have opened a DYOM Discord server and you are more than welcome to join. Make sure to read the rules when you join. Failure to comply to the Discord server rules will result in a ban from it.

DYOM Discord Server

Feel free to chat, discuss, share, etc.
by Secronom President, Nov 13 2017, 08:01
DYOM Contest #9
The ninth DYOM Contest is on! DYOM Contest #9 topic.
by Secronom President, Nov 01 2017, 12:48
Website Bugfix Update
The site has been suffering a number of issues lately, mainly the inability to correctly upload new mission files and problems staying logged in for members using IPv6. Both issues have been addressed and the site should be fully functional again. If any important issues remain, report them in the Support Forum (see link in the sidebar) Happy Gaming
by PatrickW, Jun 05 2017, 15:42
Little Project
Hi, this is Secronom and giving you an update on a little project I came up with a few days ago.

As you know (or not if you are new), there is a trailer field on all mission pages. The aim of this project is to try using it as a walkthrough / playthrough field too. In the next few weeks or months, I will add some videos of me playing and commenting mission packs and missions. If the response is positive, a walkthrough / playthrough section may appear (if we are lucky). If the response is negative, all of the videos I will have added since will be removed from the trailer field and the project will be abandonned.

I hope to hear your feedback on this project on my profile in the comments or in the Designers Lounge .

Cheers, Secronom President
by Secronom President, Oct 21 2016, 17:01
A Concern Regarding Mission Language
Dear designers, If you are posting a mission in a language other than English, please make sure to not post it in the English subsection. In other words, make sure that the "English" option is unticked. Failure to comply with the said request will result in your project being removed from the DYOM webpage. Failure to obey to this notice further may result in a ban. Thank you for your understanding. - Rytuklis, DYOM Moderator Team
by Rytuklis, Mar 25 2016, 12:54
Staff Roster Changes
Due to the results of the DYOM Awards 2015 and the inactivity of all others moderators, all inactive moderators will be demoted and two new moderators will be introduced this weekend.

Congratulations to AnDRej98 and Rytuklis for their promotion (to come) to Moderators.

Once again, congrats to both of you and good luck.

The DYOM Staff.
by Secronom President, Jan 18 2016, 21:33
Best Video of 2015
As voted on GTAForums.com, the DYOM Awards 2015 were held and The Tale of Vladimir Reynolds Trailer was voted the best video.

by Secronom President, Jan 18 2016, 21:27
Best Video of 2013-2014
As voted on GTAForums.com, the DYOM Awards 2013-2014 were held. The Chronicles of a Hitman (Trailer) was voted the best video.

by Secronom President, Jan 05 2016, 22:16
DYOM V8.0 released!
After releasing two beta versions of DYOM v8, we now released DYOM V8.0. In this version we fixed the major bugs occuring in the first beta versions. Comparing to DYOM V7, many new features are introduced: import/export of objective texts, the possibilty to add player animations, objective objects, more cutscene modes, many new special effects...

You are now allowed to upload V8 missions to this database!


Release topic
Bug report Topic
Support forum
by Dutchy3010, Jan 02 2014, 15:57
Release DYOM V8 beta 2
DYOM V8 beta 2 has been released. After releasing the first beta a few days ago, we solved some bugs and added a few new features, like the import/export of objective texts, the possibility to add player animations, three more cutscene modes and fast respawn option for pickups.


Release topic
Bug report Topic
Support forum
by Dutchy3010, Dec 13 2013, 23:41
Release DYOM V8 beta
DYOM V8 beta has been released. This version not only solves some annoying bugs in the previous version, but also adds some exciting new features, such as objective objects and many new special effects. Also various improvements for the convenience of the designer have been made, which makes the creation of missions easier.


Release topic
Bug report Topic
Support forum
by Dutchy3010, Dec 09 2013, 01:29
Two New Moderators
Late overdue, but here it is...

Congratulations to Doublepulse and Zizo008 for their promotion to Moderators.

Once again, congrats to both of you and good luck.

The DYOM Staff.
by Secronom President, May 09 2013, 14:48
Reminder to All Members
I would like to remind all members that if you see bad comments, non-permitted pictures, spammers, etc. Please use the report button! By not reporting this, there are higher chances we will not notice these.

Also take note that if you got hate comments on your profile or on your missions and that you are the kind to do the same thing, please assume yourself. After all: you've attracted yourself that attention, built yourself that reputation, so please assume the consequences.

Calling admins and moderators idiots and saying they shouldn't have their job will not help your situation. Show some respect!

P.S. Please note that we are humans too, we have a life. Do not expect us to be on 24/7 to serve you. We will check your reports and answer your questions as soon as we see them.

Thanks for your understanding,

Secronom President & all the DYOM Staff
by Secronom President, Mar 17 2013, 16:34
A patch-update has been released ( V7.0.2), as an annoying bug was discovered. Please update if you already downloaded V7.0 or V7.0.1
Download Here
by PatrickW, Dec 27 2012, 15:34
DYOM V7.0 Released
After a beta period, today the final V7.0 version of DYOM has been released to the public.
An extensive description of the release can be found on our Support Forum.
We urge everyone to Download and install the latest version, to be able to play all missions available in our database.
Have Fun.
by PatrickW, Dec 27 2012, 01:01
DYOM TV episode 3
The third episode of DYOM TV, by ThaBoy:

You can get more info on the DYOM TV project at the Support forum, where you can also leave your comments for the team.

On behalf of the DYOM crew and the DYOM team, I wish you all a Merry Christmas.
by PatrickW, Dec 24 2012, 14:18
DYOM TV Episode 2
by PatrickW, Nov 30 2012, 19:24
Second Beta of DYOM V7 released!
We released the second public beta version of the upcoming V7 release of DYOM. This improved beta has quite some bug fixes.
If you want to participate to improve the upcoming version and have a go at all the new functionality, head over to the support forums for more information and a download link. You can also discuss the new features there and report bugs your find.
by Dutchy3010, Nov 19 2012, 11:36
Public beta of DYOM V7
We released a public beta version of the upcoming V7 release of DYOM.
Among many new features are:
  • Custom sounds
  • Cutscenes with moving cams
  • Moving objects
  • Driveby shootings
  • Configurable ammo
If you want to participate to improve the upcoming version and have a go at all the new functionality, head over to the support forums for more information and a download link. You can also discuss the new features there and report bugs your find.
by DYOM_developers, Nov 06 2012, 00:05
First episode of DYOM TV
by Dutchy3010, Oct 22 2012, 01:41
The Winners of the 2012 DYOM Awards!
Category WinnerPrize
Best Overall Member xGhostxSite Moderator
Best Mission Designer Jimmy_LeppardSite Moderator
Best Mission DYOM PUZZLE pinned on site
Best Mission Pack The Runaway pinned on site
Best Storyline Cold YearPinned on site
Most Missed Member MattatattaMention in the DYOM General Thread
Most helpful in DYOM forums Secronom PresidentSite Moderator
Best DYOM tutorial ChimpsoPinned
Best DYOM video Maniacs With Chainsaw (by LnD)Featured on site frontpage
Best Topic in DYOM forums The Designers LoungePinned
Best review maker AznKeiPinned
Best Moderator Secronom PresidentSite Moderator
by Secronom President, Oct 02 2012, 02:05
Sneak Preview DYOM Version 7 - Part 2
by Dutchy3010, Oct 01 2012, 20:17
Sneak Preview DYOM Version 7
by Dutchy3010, Sep 27 2012, 20:38
New Website Features: trailers and tutorials
Dear DYOM users, DYOM designers and Senior DYOM designers

We are proud to announce another update for our website. This major update includes tutorials and video's (trailers).

There was already a section at the DYOM website with tutorials. This section was (and is) devided into two parts: the text tutorials and the video tutorials. However, it was a bit outdated. I've seen many good tutorials which weren't on the site. The big difference is that YOU can add your own tutorials now, both text and video's. It will be shown in your profile and in the list of tutorials. Your tutorials can also be rated by other members. Tutorials are highly appreciated by other members and by the DYOM staff. It shows that you are a good designer and really want to help other users. Tutorials are also shown in the hall of fame.

The list of BB-codes is extended, mainly so these can be used in the text tutorials (however, it is possible to use them on your user page description). You can use the following BB-codes:

[list][*]Number 1[*]Number 2[/list]
  • Number 1
  • Number 2
[table][tr][th]Header 1[/th][th]Header 2[/th][/tr][tr][td]Data 1[/td][td]Data 1[/td][/tr][/table]
[font=courier]This is courier[/font]This is courier
[size=10]Size 10[/size]Size 10

Another new feature is that you can upload video's ("trailers") to the DYOM website. You can upload a trailer for EVERY mission on the website, but it has to be approved by either the staff or the maker of the mission first. A trailer can also be rated by other members. People can view the trailer on the userpage of the maker of the trailer, on the page of the mission and in the list of trailers (Showroom > trailers). This is a great way to attract more users or to help other (good) missions. It has to be a Youtube video, and you can add it by going to a mission and fill in the small form about the trailer ("Propose your own trailer of this mission"). Trailers are also shown in the hall of fame.

On the frontpage a random submitted trailer will be displayed.

Of course, it is possible to report trailers or tutorials. For example when you think it contains material that isn't allowed on the DYOM website or when you think the trailer/tutorial is stolen. You can report a trailer by reporting the mission page or the userpage of the maker of the tutorial (please clearly state that it's about a trailer!). A text tutorial can be reported using the "Contact the staff about this tutorial"-link at the right hand side of the screen. Videotutorials can also be reported using the userpage of the designer.

We hope you enjoy the new features
by PatrickW, Sep 10 2012, 02:38
New Website feature - blueprints
Sometimes disappointed after downloading a mission? Do you want some more objective info about a mission to decide if its worth downloading? A new feature is added to the DYOM website. When you are logged in, you can go to any mission and click on the link "Mission Blueprint (beta)" (another good reason to register!). Then you can see the objectives with some additional information and texts. The screen below is an example, from the mission No happy ending

by Dutchy3010, Aug 14 2012, 01:01
Design Your Own Mission - Contest #5
With joy and excitement, we present you the fifth Design Your Own Mission contest. It's a long time ago we did a contest... After winning quite a few awards AND reaching almost 16 500 missions and 400 storylines on our site, it is time to organise another contest. This time, the theme is "2012 - The End of the World".

The goal of the contest is off course to create the best mission using "Design Your Own Mission". Things to keep in mind are originality, playability and difficulty. You should challenge the players of your mission, but they should not get frustrated. If your mission is ready, you should upload it to our mission upload site.

In this edition the theme is: 2012 - The End of the World. Be creative, but use this specific theme. We are curious about what you make up!

The jury, consisting for the fifth edition of PatrickW, Chimpso (if he wants to, seeing he is the winner of the fourth one), Dutchy3010 and myself, will choose a number of missions from all submissions and from those mission everybody can choose the top 3. The mission with the most votes will win the contest. The winner will be part of the jury for the next edition of the contest if he wants.

You can submit your mission until March 8, 2012. All missions will then be reviewed by the jury, which will present the nominated missions within a week. After that everybody can play the nominated missions and name their favourites. This will be possible for a week after the nominees have been made public. After this week the mission with the most votes is declared winner.

For your mission to count, you will need to register at that site: http://www.gtaforums.com. After that, go to this topic. You will need to post in this topic and use the submitting format for your mission to be counted. Note that you are allowed to publish two missions. If you design more than two, only the last two ones will compete.

The most important reward for everybody that enters the contest is off course that you can claim to be a GTA mission designer. The author of the winning mission will be invited to become a jury member for the next edition of the contest and you will be in the Wall of Fame!

Good luck, and, above all, have fun!
by Secronom President, Jan 28 2012, 21:07
Opening of the new DYOM website
With pride and joy we hereby present you the new DYOM website. Not only did we put the site into a new layout, but we also added some exciting new features that have been requested by the community through many channels. And to be honest, with the 15000 missions milestone coming up, the site could use some more structure.

The most important new feature is that you can now create your own free account at this site, which enables you to login. Once you are logged in, you will be able to comment to missions from others and rate missions and storylines in the showroom.

All uploads are now in either the Showroom or the Dumping grounds. The Showroom contains all uploads that are connected to an account of a registered member. All missions that you upload while you are logged in will automatically end up in the showroom. It is also possible to "claim" missions that you uploaded in the past, by using the edit-link of that mission while you are logged in.

In contrast with the missions in the dumping ground, which are uploaded by non-members, uploads in the Showroom can be rated by other members with 1 to 5 stars. This makes it easy for visitors to identify good missions.

Furthermore we've added numerous smaller new features that you will stumble upon, such as: profile-information, member and mission statistics, tutorial listings and the option to only show English missions.

Have fun exploring the new website, although the Showroom might be rather empty in the beginning, we're confident that it will soon fill up with high-quality work created by the community.
by DYOM_developers, Oct 16 2011, 01:43
The winners of the 2011 DYOM awards
Category WinnerPrize
Best Mission Designer leoncjSite Moderator
Best Mission The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed (Part One and Two) pinned on site
Best Storyline Codename: ZuluPinned on site
Most helpful in DYOM forums Secronom PresidentSite Moderator
Best DYOM tutorial ChimpsoSite Moderator
Best DYOM video Just Cause Trailer (By Jetjatin)Featured on site frontpage
Best Topic in DYOM forums BUYSAGPinned
Best review maker AznKeiSite Moderator
by DYOM_Developers, Oct 16 2011, 00:00