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Contest Winners

Year Contest Theme Winner Mission Result Topic
2009 #1 No theme tony-resta Rest In Peace Click
2009 #2 Gunfights miclin Destruction for Beginners Click
2010 #3 Military GTA!!! The Wanted! Click
2010 #4 Exciting Storyline Chimpso Perfidy Click
2012 #5 2012 - The End of the World Arejai Catastrophe Click
2012 #6 Missions with just one action objective xGhost DYOM PUZZLE Click
2013 #7 All V7 Features Galactic Robbing the High Roller Click
2016 #8 Mission Pack (6-12 missions) RandomStunt Gangland Problems Click
2017 #9 Map Making ChrisPK GhostTown Click
2022 #10 Illicit Businesses Yasir RFL Melancholic Farm and Services Click
2023 #11 Vigilante Anti-Hero zeko Lunar Soul Click
2024 #12 Cyborgs zeko Anarchy Road Click

Mission of the Year

Year MOTW Winner Mission Result Topic
2013 #1 Target13 No Age Limit Click
2014 #3 ProDX34 Manhunt 2: Assassination Click
2015 #24 Heisenberg_GR Saints Of Deadwood Click
2016 #51 Huzaifa khan Code Of Silence Click
2017 #91 Amethyst Dead By Nightfall Click
2018 #122 Target13 Panthers: Bloody Sunday Click
2019 #142 VikingEVM Quadruple Extermination II Click
2020 #152 EddyIr The Warehouse Ambush Click
2021 #186 M316 Drift In The Air Click
2022 #203 ZeroRaxo Raxo's Comeback Click
2023 #240 RedBaron Paulie Sindacco Sends His Regards Click

Record Holders


Top RatedAuthorRating
The Catalyst Part I (DYOM v8.3)zekotron5.00008
Gta san Terrorist Pack missions SWAT4 5
Gta san ARMY defend the agent missionsSWAT4 5
FBI and SWAT vs wuzimuSWAT4 5
LS Generation: detetizando (EP2)FAN COMIC5
Most Downloads315643Big boys, big toysLake
Most Views202203The Journey (Full Edition)Troller man
Most Comments24914Niggas can't flyTheBoy
Most Ratings242Niggas can't flyTheBoy
Most Trailers25[MP] GTAguidesItaDennysCute99
Oldest MissionJun 30 2009, 16:31Strange Shop Part 2Leoncj
Newest MissionJul 20 2024, 22:30testtheElectrus


Top RatedAuthorRating
Gta San Andreas v: 2.1Ramsev5
Noble Cause. Nobel's Ways. [RUS]StepanKo1015
[SA] [DYOM] Trouble Maker StoriesBilinmeyen Bey5
Vagrants - Act OneVikingBNS5
The Mercenary 3.1Specific Dude5
Most Downloads29362[SL] GTA: San Andreas StoriesHeisenberg_GR
Most Views906271…71†81”41‡1 1„01”41persianboy
Most Comments102SAS: Los Santos | CHAPTER 2 RELEASED!VanBross
Most Ratings94[SL] GTA: Tommy Vercetti StoriesHeisenberg_GR
Most Trailers35nothingspyderblack66
Oldest StorylineDec 27 2010, 15:39DYOM V6 BETAGeneral Scrotum
Newest StorylineJul 19 2024, 19:21[MP] High Stakesavixrune


Top RatedAuthorRating
Resident Evil 4 TrailerZizo0085
Rescata a SwettFernando20005
World in WarxMatix5
the winnercodenametukaioo75
Commentary for The GodfatherZizo0085

Video Tutorials

Top RatedAuthorRating
Flying & Floating Objects TricksToine5
DYOM basic tutorialgtaguidesita5
DYOM V7 Moving cutscene TutorialAnDReJ985
Baggage & Truck Trailer TricksToine5
Make A Submarine Moving With ObjectToine5

Text Tutorials

Top RatedAuthorRating
Best mission packs/storylines and SM's to playMartin Strada5
Useful Tuts ! Before Starting DYOM!Yasir RFL5
SL TutorialMartin Strada5
Make a Remarkable Experience in DYOMOpcode.eXe5
Underwater MissionsYasir RFL5

DYOM Designers

Top RatedAverage Rating
Adam moh5
Most Missions728leoncj
Most Storylines85D103FCHANNEL
Most Trailers229yo-g
Most Text Tutorials9Nande Brasileiros
Most Video Tutorials9AnDReJ98

DYOM Users

Most Comments MadeCount
Fatin Ilham1054
Most Ratings MadeCount
Snake Games454
Fire Alex349